North Manchester Jewish Cemeteries Trust
email: [email protected];  tel: 0161 795 0735
The North Manchester Jewish Cemeteries Trust was set up in September 2012 out of the realisation that a central organisation was needed if the decline of the community’s cemeteries was to be stopped and reversed.
Its initial objectives are:
1. To identify and implement a programme of works that will in the fullness of time bring all cemeteries up to a standard of which the community can be proud.
2. To make responsibility for cemetery maintenance a community project and not synagogue specific.
3. To establish a level of income that will be regular, sustainable and sufficient to undertake all maintenance and upkeep works required.
To achieve these goals the Trust is being initially funded by the current burial boards. However, to really achieve the desired improvements, the Trust will need much higher levels of funding and will be seeking donations and sponsors in the coming years ahead.
The Trust will be actively fundraising, but if you would like to make a donation to help the work of the Trust please send your cheque to the Trust office at the above address or by direct transfer to: North Manchester Jewish Cemeteries Trust

Rainsough Charitable Trust

The Trust was established to ensure that Jewish cemeteries in Greater Manchester are safe, secure and properly maintained. At Rainsough Cemetery the Trust has already refurbished the Ohel and repaired very extensive damage caused by repeated bouts of mindless vandalism. Further works are in progress to provide more grave spaces and enhance security. Further work and improvements are in hand at other cemeteries, but a great deal remains to be done. Contributions towards this work should contact 07973 165723

Agecroft  Cemetery

0161 737 0947

Administered by Central & North Manchester Burial Board
0161 792 8399

Agecroft Liberal Cemetery

0870 991 7327

Administered by Manchester Liberal Community

Blackley Cemetery

0161 740 2317

Administered by Central & North Manchester Burial Board
0161 792 8399

Bury Cemetery (Jewish Section)

0161 796 6736

Administered by Sha’arei Shalom Synagogue

Cheadle Cemetery

0161 428 8242

Administered by Yeshurun Synagogue Burial Board
0161 428 9923/491 4774

Crumpsall Cemetery

Administered by Manchester Great & New Synagogue Burial Board

0161 740 2876/0161 792 8399

Dunham Lawn Cemetery

Administered by Hale & District Hebrew Congregation Burial Board

0161 980 8846

Failsworth Cemetery

Administered by Holy Law South Broughton Burial Board

07974 268565/0161 740 1634

Great Synagogue Cemetery (disused)

Bury New Road, Prestwich

Mill Lane Cemetery

0161 428 7746/0161 834 0415

Administered by Menorah Synagogue Burial Board and Manchester Reform Synagogue Burial Board

Philips Park Cemetery

0161 766 2065

Administered by Meade Hill Shul Burial Board

0161 740 9586

Whitefield Synagogue Burial Board
0161 766 3732

Machzikei Hadass Communities Burial Board
0161 792 1313

Rainsough Cemetery

0161 773 2641

Administered by Rainsough Joint Burial Board – Central & North Manchester Synagogue, Higher Crumpsall
& Higher Broughton Synagogue, Manchester Communal Burial Board
0161 740 9711

Southern Cemetery

016l 227 3204

Administered by South Manchester Synagogue – 0161 928 2050

Sha’are Hayim Synagogue
0161 445 1943

Manchester Reform Congregation
0161 834 0415

Urmston  Cemetery

01706 840642

Administered by Manchester Great & New Synagogue Burial Board
0161 792 8399

Whitefield Synagogue Burial Board
0161 766 3732

Whitefield  Cemetery

0161 834 0415

Administered by Manchester Reform Congregation

For information on burial records contact  http://www.mdcs.org.uk