Council Structure

Council Structure

The Council is a Federation of affiliated organisations who elect representatives to attend Council meetings at least eight times a year and have speaking and voting rights at these meetings.

The Council elects a President, Officers and Executive members at its Annual General Meeting. The President chairs Council meetings and deals with external relationships whilst the Chair of Executive oversees Council operations, chairing Executive and Officers’ meetings. Other Officers are Vice-Chair (Education), Vice-Chair (Public Relations), Treasurer, Secretary, Publicity Officer and Youth & Community Officer.

The Executive consists of the Officers plus a further 14 Executive Secretaries. Four more can also be co-opted giving a maximum potential of 27 members on the Executive.

The Executive has overall responsibility for decision-making, with the Officers representing the community and liaising with other Jewish communal bodies such as the Board of Deputies and the Jewish Leadership Council as well as non-Jewish organisations such as churches, interfaith and political groups.

Reporting to the Executive are 6 Working Groups:

i.  Public Relations – Convened by Vice-Chair (Public Relations), supported by 2 Public Relations Secretaries and Officers.

Oversees links to Councils, NHS, Police, CST, Interfaith groups etc., Press Monitoring and Press Releases responding to current issues.

ii.  Education – Convened by Vice-Chair (Education), supported by 2 Education Secretaries.

Link to SACREs and Jewish Schools, oversee and develop speakers to outside agencies (schools, community groups etc.), involved in planning Sherman Lectures, Hamburger Lecture, Limmud liaison.

iii.  Publicity – Convened by Publicity Officer, supported by 2 Publicity Secretaries.

Work on RepPresents, Website, Publicity Flyers for events, promotion of Council’s work including Press Releases in that regard.

iv.  Fundraising – Convened by Treasurer, supported by 2 Fundraising Secretaries.

Eliciting Advertising (for Yearbook, RepPresents etc.), Sponsorship (for Quiz, Lectures etc.), run annual Raffle, Grant applications.

v.  Youth & Community – Convened by Youth & Community Officer, supported by 2 Youth Secretaries and 2 Community Secretaries.

Link to Jewish Youth Groups, Youth Leadership Training, New Jewish Youth Council, support for affiliates, organising events (Quiz, JNet etc), Awards, partnership work with affiliates.

vi.  Anti-Semitism & Human Rights – Convened by Secretary, supported by co-opted members of Executive and Officers.

Dealing with issues relating to Anti-Semitism, Racism and other human rights abuses. Involved in Yom HaShoah, issues around Shechita, Brit Mila and social media.