Education and Schools

Educational Establishments

Binoh of Manchester
Binoh Education Centre
0161 720 8585

Specialists in special educational needs assistance, advocacy, assessment, advice, training and tuition. Recent additions include a Parental Support Scheme, a Teenage Outreach Worker, and a Community Resource Centre to assist groups with funding and infrastructure needs.

Centre for Jewish Studies
University of Manchester
tel: 0161 275 3614

email: [email protected]

The Centre acts as a focus for Jewish Studies at the University of Manchester.  It offers teaching at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, and supervision of PhD research.  For further details, including programmes of events open to the public, or to subscribe to the emailing list, see website.

Delamere Charitable Trust
Administrative Office
Heathlands Village
Heathlands Drive
Manchester M25 9SB
phone: 0161 773 2580
email: [email protected]

Contact: Mr Phil Reed

Delamere Charitable Trust is dedicated to supporting the education of young Jewish people with special educational needs, and promoting the provision of high quality specialist services and facilities for them in Greater Manchester.

tel: 0161 850 3330
email: [email protected]  website:
JSENSE is a registered Charitable Incorporated Organisation established to promote the advancement of education for Jewish children and young people with special needs. JSENSE believes that every young person with special educational needs deserves the best possible specialised help to maximise their individual educational achievement and to acquire the necessary life skills which other young people learn naturally. JSENSE welcomes financial and volunteer support from the community for its vital work.

Manchester Day Limmud has become an annual highlight in the Manchester community. It offers cross-communal learning for all ages and backgrounds on topics as diverse as politics, religion, film, theatre and dancing. At any given time there can be up to 15 sessions going on from speakers such as Clive Lawton, Hagai Segal, Rafi Zarum and Dina Brawer.
Please contact: [email protected] for further information.

Manchester Jewish Museum
tel: 0161 834 9879
fax:834 9801
email: [email protected]
Opening hours: Sunday-Thursday: 10.00am-4.00pm, Friday 10am to 1pm
Sunday: 1.00pm-5pm.

The Museum is housed in a beautifully restored Grade II* listed building, formerly the Spanish & Portuguese Synagogue. It retells the history of the Jewish community in Manchester and Salford. It offers a varied programme of exhibitions, educational activities and cultural events.


Aim Habonim Special School for Special Kids
tel: 0161 705 0020
fax: 0161 708 2056
email: [email protected]

Aim Habonim is a facility for Jewish Children with Special Needs.  We recognise the individual needs of children with physical disabilities and sensory impairments with moderate to severe learning difficulties.  We aim to educate the children to the highest standards of their abilities.

Beis Menachem/OYY Lubavitch Girls School
tel/fax: 0161 795 0002, email: [email protected]

Beis Yaakov Jewish High School Academy
tel: 0161 708 8220
fax: 0161 708 9968

Bnos Yisroel Schools
Fayge Sufrin Kindergarten Infant, Junior & Senior
tel: 0161 792 3896
fax: 0161 708 0125

Brookvale “Caring for People with Special Needs”

Under supervision of Manchester Beth Din
tel: 0161 653 1767
fax: 0161 655 3635
email: [email protected]

Broughton Jewish Cassel Fox Primary School
tel: 0161 921 2500
fax: 0161 921 2510
Nursery: 0161 921 2512
Kindergarten: 0161 921 2513
email: [email protected]

Bury & Whitefield Jewish Primary School
tel: 0161 766 2888
fax: 0161 766 3231
Nursery Dept: 0161 767 9390

Jewish Seminary For Girls
0161 740 2225

King David Schools – click to see these

Langdon College
tel: 0845 600 6562
email: [email protected];  website:

Serves Jewish students from across the UK who, because of their learning difficulties or disabilities, find the opportunities available to them for post school education limited. Langdon College is the only residential specialist college in the UK that caters specifically for the cultural and observational needs of the Jewish community. It believes that a young adult’s chosen level of Judaic observance should not be a barrier to them accessing further education. Robust and adaptable support structures mean that Langdon College can provide education and development opportunities to almost all levels of Jewish orthodoxy. Individually designed learning plans based on each student’s specific abilities and assessed learning priorities means that young Jewish adults can fulfil their educational aspirations and potential, no matter the level of their learning disability. Langdon College provides many students with their first experience of being treated as an independent adult and being able to choose the lifestyle they wish to pursue.

Manchester Mesivta
tel: 0161 773 1789
fax:772 9170
email: [email protected]

North Cheshire Jewish Day Nursery
tel: 0161 282 4901

For children from 6 months to 5 years. Open Monday-Thursday 8am to 6pm, Friday 8am to 4pm except winter when early closing applies. Open all year except Jewish holidays and Bank Holidays

North Cheshire Jewish Primary School
tel: 0161 282 4500
fax: 282 4501
email: [email protected]

A voluntary-aided, mixed primary school promoting high academic standards on a beautiful purpose-built campus, admitting pupils from the South Manchester area.  Pupils transfer at 11 years to Independent Grammar Schools and King David High School.  We aim to develop the individual child to their fullest potential.  We also hope they will continue their Jewish Studies and develop into caring, responsible members of the community.  Brochure available on request.

OYY Lubavitch Boys School
tel: 0161 740 0923, email: [email protected]

Talmud Torah Toras Emes
2a Back Hope Street, Salford M7 2FR
tel: 0161 792 1368

T ’Mimei Lev/Torah Tots
tel: 0161 795 2253

  • T’Mimei Lev School caters for all Jewish children, according to the Beth Din, who because of their diverse disabilities are not able to attend mainstream schools.
  • Torah Tots nursery caters for special needs children with diverse disabilities and mainstream children
  • We are registered by OFSTED and have charity status
  • Age range 15 months to 19 years
  • Our school provides a unique curriculum for each individual child and in-house Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy
  • Yess – Yeshiva Education for Special Students, for age 18 years and upwards
  • We also provide an After School Club and a Sunday Club for special needs children from Reception upwards

Yesoiday HaTorah School
tel: 0161 773 6364
fax:773 3914
email: [email protected]

Yocheved Segal Kindergarten
161 773 6364