RepPresents Rosh Hashana 2021/5782


RepPresents Rosh Hashana 2021/5782.

President’s Report for RepPresents Aug 2021

As I write this report we are nearly eighteen months into the Covid19 crisis and everyone’s life has been turned demonstrably upside down.

 So many plans have had to be changed, events cancelled and zoom meetings have become a part of everyday life.

Only now has there been some semblance of normality returned to our lives.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of those who have sadly lost relatives and friends during the last twelve months and those who are still suffering from long covid.

Last year I appraised the community of the formation of the Strategic Group which last August had a change of chair in Mark Adlestone OBE DL.

One year on the group has grown and gone from strength to strength and under Mark’s leadership and the stewardship of Marc Levy now CEO of the JRC we are enjoying even closer cooperation and collaboration between the community and the local authorities.

It is not an exaggeration to say that we are achieving things which previously we could have only dreamt of.

 I want to express my personal gratitude to everyone connected with the local Councils – Bury, Salford, and Manchester, the GMCA Trafford and Stockport councils – for the way they have participated with the Strategic Group and have provided so much support.

And a special mention to our local MP Christian Wakeford who has steadfastly supported the community on so many national and local issues and has endeared himself to the whole community by his hard work and dedication.

I would also like to highlight the marvellous response and engagement from the Ultra-Orthodox section of the community, the magnificent way they have embraced the whole idea of the group

As I have said previously, this community’s response to the virus has been completely humbling and we have been praised by both national, regional and local organisations for the manner in which we have responded.

I think it only fair to mention again the fantastic achievement of HATZOLA with the help and assistance of the Fed volunteers in the vaccination programme in Salford.

As I reported elsewhere in this journal I have seen first-hand the overwhelming response from the community and everyone involved deserves our thanks and praise.

However! We will only be judged as successful on how we deal with the phases to follow and The JRC is fully focused on the economic recovery and will play its part in ensuring that the information on

Employment and financial packages is widely disseminated.

As well collaborating with the Mental Health recovery which we know will be vital.

I want to pay tribute once again to the fantastic work that all the Officers and members of the divisions are engaging in.

With your efforts, The JRC has regained its rightful position as being in the forefront of communal life.

 So much of our everyday life has had to change and we look forward to the Yomim Naroim with less trepidation this year but that doesn’t mean we can afford to relax.

The virus still has the capacity to be transmitted and any lessening of our vigilance could result in more pain and distress. 

We will of course follow all the guidelines sent out from the Chief Rabbi’s office and throughout the crisis we have ensured with the help and cooperation of the local councils that the most update messaging was available.

No one could have dreamt back in March 2020 that come September 2021 we would still be dealing with a changed communal landscape, but it is essential that we remain resilient put our trust in the communal leaders who have striven throughout the crisis to continue to provide the service that the community has come to expect.

I am as always indebted to previous Chair Jacky Buchsbaum for all his magnificent work on behalf of the community, likewise the new chair Mark Adlestone who has seamlessly assumed the mantle and responsibility, and our new CEO Marc Levy who ensures that the JRC ship is kept on the correct course, and all the Officers and Executive for their continued support and help and Laurie the administrator who has manged to keep the office running under very difficult circumstances.

My fondest wish is that by my next report which will be for Pesach 2022 the world will have returned to closer normality and many of our fears will have been assuaged.

Wishing each and every one of you a Shana Tovah.

May we all be inscribed for a sweet New Year full of Good Health, Happiness and Success.

Russell Conn

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