Cllr Ron Cooper Suspended Over Antisemitic Comment


The JRC joined communal stakeholders to raise directly with The Labour Party the issue of antisemitic comments made by Cllr Ron Cooper who represented Tanhouse Ward on West Lancashire Borough Council:

‘Upon being notified of the disgraceful antisemitic comments made by Cllr Cooper, we joined communal stakeholders and immediately raised our concerns with the local and national Labour Party.

His comments are a clear breach of the IHRA Definition on Antisemitism adopted by the West Lancashire Borough Council.  They must be condemned in the strongest possible terms.

The JRC have been informed that Cllr Cooper has now been suspended.  We commend The Labour Party for the swift and decisive manner in which this case has been handled.

The JRC have been informed that Cllr Cooper was not intending to seek re-election in May.  His comments must therefore be seen in the context of him trying to martyr himself by making an overly antisemitic comment.

The JRC will always work tirelessly to expose and counter all incidents of antisemitism.’