Antisemitic Incidents Remain High Across Greater Manchester

“Everyone connected with the JRC always emphasises  how the Jewish community across the region is vibrant, confident and outward facing.

It is therefore a huge concern that the six-monthly antisemitic incident report figures released by the Community Security Trust have reported 104 anti-Jewish hate cries across Greater Manchester from January to June 2022.

Although the reported number of incidents has reduced from the record levels experienced in 2021, this is historically an extremely high number.  It is the role of the JRC, as the representative body for the community across Greater Manchester and the wider region to highlight that Jewish people are still being subjected to hate crime.

We should like to take the opportunity to thank the Community Security Trust for their work in protecting our community.  In addition, we send our appreciation to Greater Manchester Police for taking allegations of anti-Jewish racism extremely seriously.”

Click HERE to read the CST report