Battling COVID – 19 in Sedgley Park

With cases of COVID – 19 increasing rapidly in the Bury MBC area and the threat of a complete lockdown in Bury on the horizon, the Jewish Representative Council has teamed up with the community police in Bury to educate and inform shop keepers and customers of the need to wear masks and save lives. President of the JRC Russell Conn and Vice Chair (Education) Jeremy Michelson teamed up with Community police officers Neil and Kerry to visit restaurants and shops in Kings Road & Bury New Road.

Proprietors were reminded of their duties to make sure that social distancing and mask covering were enforced for the sake of all. New posters will be put up in certain establishments and the message of compliance with the law to save lives was emphasised. Russell Conn said, “We feel that going out with Community Police Officers was a very worthwhile experience and brought home to both shoppers and proprietors the importance of doing what we can to eliminate the virus from our midst”. It is likely that the same thing will be replicated in Leicester Road, and Knolls Street Salford.