Northern Advocacy Group: Support Our Students

Event details

  • July 11, 2024
  • 7:30 pm


Support Our Students (SOS)

A free event on July 11th offering guidance about how the entire community can support Jewish students during these toxic times.


University campuses have become challenging, even terrifying,  environments for Jewish students, as they face  rising antisemitic incidents and aggressive anti-Israel protest . Some of which has  even taken place  in lectures , seminars and on  open days.

Event Details

Join us for a unique panel event featuring:

  • ⁠  ⁠The Vice President of Manchester University
  • ⁠  ⁠A UK Lawyer for Israel
  • ⁠  ⁠A Student Chaplain
  • ⁠  ⁠A Jewish Student

This is your opportunity to directly engage with the Vice President of Manchester University, expressing the community’s concerns about the intimidating atmosphere on campuses both in Manchester and beyond . And what needs to be done.

Ask our UK Lawyer for Israel about the legal boundaries of protest and what constitutes antisemitic behaviour.

Learn from our Jewish Chaplain about the support available for Jewish students on campus, and hear firsthand experiences from a Jewish student.

Why Attend?

In these unprecedented times, it’s crucial to equip our students with the tools they need to navigate university life safely and confidently. But equally it’s vital that as a community we come together  to call those in charge to account.

This free event is open to  anyone who cares about what is happening on campus. Whether you’re a parent, student , prospective student or simply care about what is happening to young Jewish people .

These students are our future.

Join us to show solidarity and gain valuable insights into how we can support them today.

Strictly admission by ticket only (no charge) for security reasons.

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