IHRA Press release

5th September 2018

The Jewish Representative Council welcomes the adoption of the IHRA Definition of Antisemitism, with all its examples, by the Labour Party. This should have occurred many months ago and is a necessary first step to rebuilding a relationship with the UK Jewish community. 

We hope that the caveat that they have issued will be seen as a clarification of the IHRA definition rather than as a loophole to justify antisemitic views or defend those who have expressed or continue to express racist comments about Jews.

Having incorporated this internationally accepted definition of antisemitism, it is now important for the Labour Party to undertake the second and more important step of conducting disciplinary reviews against those of its members who have been accused of antisemitism and, if found guilty, to remove them from the party. Only then will the UK Jewish community accept that the Labour Party is serious about tackling antisemitism. 

We hope that the forthcoming Jewish New Year will herald the start of the healing process between the Jewish community and the Labour Party and that the Labour Party will undertake the further necessary measures to ensure a rebuilding of the relationship with the UK Jewish community.


For more information about this release, please email Michael Rubinstein, Secretary and Chair of the Council’s Antisemitism & Human Rights Working Group: [email protected].