JRC/UJIA Leadership Programme Launch

Last night, we launched the UJIA and JRC Leadership Programme.  Historically, the UJIA have run the programme for over ten years, resulting in numerous graduates taking position of responsibility in communal organisations.

It has been a pleasure to work with Yael Mohaliver Brif, Carmel Berke and Ben Shapiro from the UJIA.  Huge credit must also go to Deborah Britstone of the JRC, but especially to Anat Caspi Kaivanto, who has worked tirelessly to design the sessions and recruit for the course.

We are fortunate to have amazing candidates from across our diverse community.  participants will have the dual benefit of learning practical leadership skills whilst being informed of our communal infrastructure.  This will ensure they are best place to join the organisation of their choosing at board level upon graduation.

The launch event allowed for the participants to hear from and speak with communal leaders including Mark Adlestone (JRC), Amanda Bomsztyk (CST), Bernie Yaffe (The Fed) and Nici Wertheim nee Matlow (UJIA) about their personal journeys and thoughts on what makes an effective leader.

The sessions will begin shortly and we are excited to update on their progress.