Letter to schools & youth groups

The Nicky Alliance Centre, 85 Middleton Road, Manchester, M8 8JY

Dear Headteachers and Youth leaders

I hope this finds you all well.

It does not seem a year since we last celebrated Purim and, in that year, there has been so many changes in how we have lived and supported our young people. Last year sadly we were not fully knowledgeable of the impact of COVID-19 19 and the community celebrated in usual way. The Pandemic is still with us. We have a glimmer of light that there has been an amazing uptake of the vaccine, but the infection rate is still high as it is in the rest of the UK.

Please can you reinforce the message being sent out to all the community?

  • All processions are not allowed.
  • There is absolutely no need for anyone to gather in the streets or in parks.
  • Purim spiels are far too dangerous in terms of spreading the pandemic.
  • Tzedakah can be collected through other means.
  • Mishloach manos only has to consist of two edible foods that are sent to one person. We know the joy that so many young people feel from giving Mishloach Manos, but it is necessary to explain to them why it must be scaled back this year.
  • Mask wearing, and social distancing has to be observed.

We understand that this Purim will be unlike any Purim in that we know of in living memory. We hope that you will play your part in keeping the community safe by encouraging your young people and their families to enjoy Purim, in a more restrained fashion.

We wish you all a joyful and safe Purim.

Jeremy Michelson

Vice Chair (Education) JRC of Greater Manchester & Region

Susan Isaacs

Youth and Community Officer JRC of Greater Manchester & Region