New JRC Management Board

Following the amended Constitution being overwhelmingly passed at a recent EGM, the JRC is delighted to announce that its Management Board has been established.  The Board will formally be appointed following the AGM on 24 May.

This has recognised the ambition to bring together representatives from the diverse community across Greater Manchester.

The Management Board will be comprised as follows:-

  • Mark Adlestone OBE DL  – Chair
  • Bernie Yaffe – Vice Chair and Treasurer
  • Amanda Bomsztyk – Antisemitism and Security
  • Motti Bamburger, Chaya Einhorn and Isaac Ginsbury – Alliance of Charedi Representatives (ACR)
  • Rabbi Daniel Walker and Esty Bruck – Community
  • Deborah Britstone – Leadership Development
  • Jeremy Michelson and Sandra Stewart – Education – Sandra Stewart will also be a South Manchester Representative
  • Cllr Nathan Boroda – Youth and Interfaith
  • Raphi Bloom – PR and Israel

The individuals will be appointing Advisory Groups to work on their portfolios.  This will enable the JRC to be central to every aspect of communal life across the whole of Greater Manchester and region.

This will build upon the JRCs excellent progress over the previous 10 months.  The organisation has regularly engaged at the highest levels of local and national government, delivering tangible results for the community.

The JRC has been at the forefront of collaborating and coordinating on all critically important issues, including; conflict in Israel, response to Ukraine, the continued response to Covid the rise in antisemitic hate crime, proactive political engagement and future planning for the community.

Mark Adlestone OBE DL – Chair – JRC

“I am delighted that we have appointed such an impressive group of individuals to comprise our Management Board.  My objectives have been transparent since the outset.  The expectation is for the JRC to be the first point of contact on all issues of importance to all internal and external stakeholders.  This has already largely been achieved due to our work since I assumed the position of Chair.  We have already established strong links across the community and wider society.  Through the leaders of the Advisory Groups, we will be working tirelessly to forward our communities agenda.  As a result, there is undoubtedly an exciting future as we work to deliver on our far-reaching programme on every aspect of communal life.”

Marc Levy – Chief Executive – JRC

“Having been seconded from the Jewish Leadership Council I have been uniquely placed to take on the position of CEO of the JRC.  Through previous connections and work alongside our communal representatives, we have managed to raise the profile of the JRC.  We have hosted high profile events and made representations with our elected representatives, including at Cabinet and Shadow Cabinet level.

The Jewish Strategic Group continues to be an unprecedented success creating that link for our organisations with local and national government.  As we progress, we will be proactively representing Jewish people across the region.  It is also our intention to undertake projects that allow for the effective strategic planning for our whole community.”

Jewish Representative Council of Greater Manchester & Region (JRC)

The JRC was established in 1919 and it is the representative body for the Jewish community across Greater Manchester and the surrounding region.

A new structure enabling the appointment of a new Management Board was approved 71-5 at a recent EGM.  The JRC comprises synagogues, communal charities, organisations and selected individuals to forward the agenda of the Jewish community.  The policy asks have been outlined in our recently drafted Manifesto.

The JRC is considered the first point of contact for all internal and external stakeholders on issues that affect the Jewish community.

The JRC will continue to coordinate the Jewish Strategic Group.  This Group was established as a response to the Coronavirus pandemic but has subsequently transformed into an effective forum between the community and elected representatives.  Through the Group, strategic pieces of mapping work will be commissioned to ensure that the community has a clear vision and established organisations have the required levels of support.

Each member of the Management Board will be responsible for running an Advisory Group of importance to the community.  They will report to the wider Council at quarterly meetings.

Alliance of Charedi Representatives (ACR)

The ACR has appointed three members to the Management Board.

The group comprises members of the Charedi community who sit as part of the Jewish Strategic Group.  The ACR is continuing to grow in size and evolve into an important forum where issues are discussed.

Meetings are held between ACR members with the Chief Executive and Chair of the JRC.  This enables clear lines of communication between the organisations so topics can be raised and acted upon.