Official Visit to the Civic Mayor of Salford

Frank Baigel headed an official delegation to the elected civic Mayor of Salford, Ian Stewart.

The delegation comprosd Rabbi Yehuda Brodie of Manchester Beth Din, Mrs Nava  Kestenbaum of Inter-Link, Mrs Barbara Goldstone Past President, JRC, Ms Filis  Rosenberg Hon Sec JRC, and Mr Jonny Wineberg Executive Member JRC.

The President presented the Mayor with a copy of the Manchester Jewish Year Book  published by the Council, a book about Jewish Belief and a book about Israel.

A wide range of topics were discussed and covered including the structure and needs of  the Jewish community, the problems facing the Jewish community in Salford with regard to school and housing provision and the positive nature of the Community’s structure including the workings of various welfare charities and “Gemachim”.