Proposal at July Council Meeting

The following proposal was placed before the delegates of the Jewish Representative Council at its monthly meeting held on Sunday, 6th July 2014. A discussion took place and several points were raised. The proposal was agreed as follows:


The Representative Council applauds the work of the Commission on Jewish Youth Provision and agrees with the need to modernise the Jewish Community’s approach to youth work and informal education.

The Representative Council agrees with the idea of centralising some resources for the benefit of all. However, we are aware that locating such resources in London is usually to the detriment of regional communities. We therefore believe that such resources should be established in both the North & South to serve the whole of the UK.

The Representative Council Resolves:

1. To endorse the report of the Commission and support the work of the Youth Commission Implementation Group, which is due to be established under the Chairship of Lord Jonathan Kestenbaum.

2. To seek substantial representation on the Implementation Group and a commitment to meetings in the North.

3. To establish a Youth & Community Sub-Committee, chaired by the Youth Organisation representative on the Executive, to look at:

a. Strategic planning of Jewish Youth Provision in Greater Manchester, bringing together those responsible from youth movements, synagogues, schools and other providers

b. Accredited Youth Leadership Training

c. Creating a Jewish Youth Council of young people

d. Other support and partnership work

The Representative Council Recommends:

1. That any national, professional Hub and central resource have locations in both London and Manchester to best serve the whole of the UK.

2. That the Implementation Group explore establishing a Youth Opportunities Fund, which young people themselves can bid to. They would receive funding through an existing, constituted organisation and the Representative Council agrees to be prepared to enable this for young people within our region.

3. That the Implementation Group promote the involvement of young people and young adults on lay leadership Boards and Committees beyond the one position suggested in the report.

4. That the Implementation Group explore basing Accredited Youth Leadership Training in Manchester utilising existing provision such as that delivered by JLGB, the Centre for Jewish Studies and Nazarene Theological College’s Youth Work course.

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