Salford Council disgusted to see rise in antisemitic hate crime


As a direct result of the recent hostilities in the Middle East, the Jewish community across Salford has endured an unprecedented rise in antisemitic hate crime.  This follows a well-established pattern of Jewish communities being targeted due to a conflict taking place thousands of miles away.

The primary concern of the Community Security Trust, Jewish Representative Council of Greater Manchester & Region and Jewish Leadership Council is ensuring that community cohesion remains undamaged.  As a result, it is a huge concern that the situation in the Middle East has been used as a pretext to single out and target the Jewish community in Salford.

The community in Salford has a longstanding and excellent relationship with the Council.  It is therefore unsurprising that during this challenging period, we have been fortunate to rely upon their unwavering support.  We are grateful to Salford City Mayor, Paul Dennett, his senior leadership team and Greater Manchester Police for meeting with Amanda Bomsztyk and Marc Levy this morning.  Their understanding of the ongoing situation and determination to stand against all forms of hate crime is reassuring to Jewish people across the City.

Amanda Bomstztyk – Regional Director – Community Security Trust & Marc Levy – Chief Executive – Jewish Representative Council of Greater Manchester & Region

“The Jewish community in Salford is thriving and easily identifiable.  As a result, they have recently been subjected to appalling abuse as a direct result of the conflict in the Middle East.

Whilst the community being targeted in this manner is appalling, we are fortunate to rely upon the steadfast backing of the City Mayor, his team and Greater Manchester Police.  At the meeting, they referenced the extensive measures undertaken to ensure that the community remains protected and we are thankful for their support.”


It is disgusting to see a rise in antisemitic hate crime in the city and it will simply not be tolerated.  Jewish people in the city should be able to live their lives and feel safe without fear of a verbal or physical attack.

In Salford, we stand side by side with our communities and partners and remain committed to remove all forms of hate and out those responsible before the courts.

If you see or experience hate crime, there are many ways to report it in person or online to get the support you need and help the authorities prevent it happening to someone else”.