Statement from JRC re Jeremy Corbyn’s reinstatement to the Labour party



Today Jeremy Corbyn issued a statement explaining how the EHRC report did not overstate or exaggerate antisemitism in the Labour Party under his leadership. He did not apologise for denying this in his previous statement on the release of the EHRC report, or for giving support and succour to his supporters whose words and actions were offensive and distressing to the Jewish Community. He has not apologised for presiding over a climate of fear for the bulk of the Jewish Community in this country and for the example he has set to the world, where the largest political party in Europe, the party which claimed to stand up for human rights, rejected the human rights of our Community. Despite this, based on a statement clarifying his earlier statement on the EHRC report he has been readmitted into the Labour party. We condemn this completely.

 Jeremy Corbyn’s replacement as Leader of the Labour Party, Sir Keir Starmer, has made strong statements recognising and condemning the antisemitism rampant in the Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership and has expressed a determination to root this cancer out of the body of the Labour Party. We respect Sir Keir’s intent and recognise that, despite any early optimism, the fight to rid The Labour Party of antisemitism has just begun. The Jewish Representative Council of Greater Manchester and Region, irrespective of our individual political allegiances, extend our support to Sir Keir because we understand the consequences for the Jewish Community, all other minorities and the country if he fails.


The President Russell Conn, Chair Jacky Buchsbaum and Honorary officers Jay Charara, Jeremy Michelson, Susan Isaacs, Graham Gordon and Michael Rubinstein.     

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