Statement from the President on the security situation in Israel and the Palestinian Territories

On behalf of the Jewish Community in Greater Manchester and surrounding Region we would like to express our deep regret about the current wave of violence in Israel. As is so often the case innocent unarmed people are being attacked, wounded and killed, adding to the trauma of a people who want only to live in peace.

To add to the tragedy we are seeing adolescents being sent out to carry out these attacks, victims of brainwashing from adults behind the scenes who continue to live in safety. We regret the damage being done to these children. Whilst we support the aspirations of Palestinians to statehood, there can be no justification for wanton violence and murder.

Up to now the people of Israel have shown remarkable restraint against so many provocations and we pray that they continue to do so. We also pray for a just resolution to this conflict, as indeed we do to the many other conflicts now occurring in the Middle East and around the world.