The 2016 Community Sherman Lecture to look at Muslim Jewish Relations

Community Sherman Lecture 2016The 2016 Community Sherman Lecture will look at Jewish-Muslim Relations in the UK: History, Experience, Context and will be given by Dr Yulia Egorova.

Dr Egorova is Reader in Anthropology at Durham University. She received her PhD in 2003 from the School of Oriental and African Studies and has published widely on the topics of Jewish identity, diversity of Jewishness in Asia and Africa, and has recently initiated a project on Jewish-Muslim relations in the UK.

Her abstract for the lecture reads, “The relationship between the Jewish and the Muslim communities of Europe is often constructed by the mass media and the public discourse as polarized due to the conflict in the Middle East. However, it has been argued by historians and anthropologists that in discussing this relationship more attention should be paid to the majority’s attitudes towards Jews and Muslims and to the rise of the extreme right in Europe.”

“Building upon the case study of the UK, this presentation will explore how Jewish-Muslim relations both reflect and are shaped by their local political and social context, and how research into these relations can highlight the common challenges that the two communities have faced in Europe.”