Vigil for Christchurch

Michael Rubinstein addresses the vigil:


I am Michael Rubinstein, Chair of the Human Rights, Racism and antisemitism committee of the Jewish Representative Council of Great Manchester and the child of two Holocaust survivors.

On Saturday morning I shall be standing outside my synagogue on security. I know what racism is.
Our two communities are close, we are like families. I was listening to the iman say earlier, “he who saves a life saves the whole world”. That is also in our Talmud; we are first cousins.

When there is an attack on us, it is an attack on you. When there is an attack on you, it is an attack on us; we stand together.

Someone just said to me before, what starts with words never ends with words. I saw a poster attacking Muslims and attacking Jews, together. As family, we need to support each other. And we need to support all other minorities as well because we are all family.

Thank you. “