AGM 2013

Guest speaker was Alex Brummer who spoke on a wide range of issues including the structure of the Board if Deputies, European antisemitism and the economy.

The Honorary Officers were agreed for a second term unopposed.

Dayan Berger was present to deliver the opening prayer.

Alex Brummer
Alex Brummer










A gallery of images by kind permission Lawrence Purcell

Shows Pres. Frank Baigel, Alex Brummer and Dayan Berger

0646 Frank Baigel and Alex Brummer Sun  am. (2) 0969 Sunday morning Rep council prayers,by Day I Berger. (3) 0682 Dayan Isaac Berger and Mr Alex Brummer,Sun am. (3) 0657 Berger, Baigel and Brummer...Sun am. (2)